Sunday, July 16

2017 Sunday Schedule

Credit for Attendance
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5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Mary Crozier, EdD

“Charting the Course of Changing Marijuana Attitudes, Policy and Program”

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Level: Introductory
Limited: Open
Contact Hours: 1.5

Brief Description:
The state of Virginia is experiencing subtle influences to change its course regarding marijuana. Last year a legislator introduced a bill to allow the medical use of marijuana for childhood intractable epilepsy and the Board of Pharmacists reviewed that bill. As of December 2016, new legislators introduced bills that would significantly alter marijuana related sanctions, sentencing guidelines, and medical uses. This presentation will use research from states that have passed laws to decriminalize marijuana and/or to allow the medical and recreational use of marijuana. This presentation will also use research from Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) which is an alliance of bipartisan organizations, professionals, and individuals dedicated to a health-first/commonsense/third-way approach to marijuana policy that is based on reputable science and sound principles of public health and safety ( I will suggest ways professionals in the field of addictions can work to chart a smarter course for change in Virginia regarding marijuana that would reduce the development of big marijuana companies and reduce risks to citizens.

Educational Objectives:
This presentation will highlight the changing politics of marijuana nationally and within the state. Presenters will juxtapose the shifting Virginia political debate with new research on the risks of recreational marijuana use. Of particular importance will be prevalence rates of marijuana use by all age groups, declines in risk perceptions, increases in social acceptance, misinformation about marijuana, and the rise of big marijuana companies. Discussion will center on state legislation to allow medical marijuana and the repercussions of this within the recovery community, clients, and community prevention programs. Presenters will suggest ways VSIAS participants can work to chart a new, smart course toward marijuana change in Virginia.

As a result of this presentation participants will be able to:

1) List a new medical, academic, motor, and behavioral risk factor of long and short term marijuana use
2) List two new Virginia legislative proposals that would change marijuana sanctions, sentencing guidelines, and medical uses
3) Discuss the pros and cons of national efforts to decriminalize marijuana
4) Discuss medical uses of marijuana, THC oils, and their synthetic equivalents

Dr. Mary K. Crozier has been in the substance abuse prevention and education field since 1979. She provided prevention/intervention services for 26 years and was a full time faculty member for 10 years. She is now retired from full time work but has a busy volunteer agenda; she chairs the Virginia Beach Youth and Community Action Team and the state-wide Community Coalitions of Virginia.