February 01, 2017
The Virginia Summer Institute for Addiction Studies will offer a limited number of Working Assistantships known as Master Facilitators (MF) to selected recipients from those individual organizations for the 2017 year. These assistantships are sponsored by VAAP and VADAP, two of VSIAS founding members. These VSIAS Assistantships will be available to a limited number of individuals from VAAP and VADAP, and who are members of these organizations. VSIAS will make the selections.  Scholarship selectees from these organizations will be expected to serve duties of “assistantships”- providing reasonable assistance to the conference. Various state or other organizations may also offer scholarships with parameters for application, selection and management by those organizations. In these difficult economic times, these scholarships may well mean the difference between a deserving person attending the Summer Institute or not.

Assistantships will be for the cost of registration, a shared hotel room, and breakfast and lunch for the entire VSIAS 2017 Summer Institute. The cost of travel/meals/incidentals will be the responsibility of the individual scholarship recipient, unless otherwise stated by VSIAS.

General Expectations from those receiving Assistantship awards are the following:


  1. Your Assistantship covers your 2017 VSIAS Registration and the cost of a shared Hotel room, plus taxes. VSIAS is not responsible for any incidentals or other charges you may incur. Breakfasts and lunches are included in your registration.
  2. You must attend the pre-conference meeting on Sunday July 16 at 2pm at the Woodlands Hotel, Williamsburg. Williamsburg traffic can be challenging, please be on time. This requirement is non-negotiable.
  3. Registration is not transferable.
  4. This is a Working Assistantship beginning Sunday, July 16 and ending Wednesday, July 19, 2017 when the conference is over. By your acceptance, you agree to perform in the required manner.
  5. Free parking at the hotel.
  6. There will be other staff meetings held daily to ensure smooth accomplishment of the VSIAS mission. You are expected to attend and be on time to all MF meetings.
  7. It is imperative that you can assist speakers with AV/IT media needs. All of the speakers will be utilizing LCD projectors and please be prepared to assist them. This means you should make yourself available and identifiable, arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of the presentation.   Also, VSIAS does not make copies for any speaker materials. They have been advised to bring copies with them should they wish to give handouts.
  8. Your punctuality is very important throughout the Institute so that things run smoothly. Please arrive at your designated workshop at the given times (forthcoming).
  9. Master Facilitators will be assigned specific roles for breakout sessions and specific responsibilities for session A/V equipment. You are expected to be proactive and ready to “pick up slack” if you see another MF is not attending to the necessary duties.
  10. You will be responsible for giving the “housekeeping” information prior to the introduction of speakers and at the end of the presentation. This includes handing out the registration as attendees enter the presentation room, making announcements requesting that cell phones be turned off, collecting the evaluations at the end of the presentation and returning them to the VSIAS registrar at the Check-In table, taking their trash with them etc. There will be a member of the faculty (Speaker Host) assigned to each workshop to provide guidance and assistance to the MF staff.  The Speaker Host is a member of the 2017 VSIAS Board.
  11. You are the keeper of the standard of integrity and quality for the VSIAS conference. Please do not stamp any certificates for anyone who was not present for 80% of the workshop, nor for anyone who did not complete an evaluation.
  12. Make sure all participants have their certificate stamped after the session is over AND before they leave the room. Once they leave the room, you may not stamp their certificate. If a participant gives you a hard time about this, send them to Mr. Pritchard or Ms. Reiner, Registrar.
  13. Do not ask for any other AV/IT equipment. This must be approved by Ron Pritchard, AV/chair Bob Taylor, Master Facilitator Chair, or Cathy Reiner, Registrar. Each speaker was provided a list of what they needed with their contracts. This equipment has been pre-ordered for their room.
  14. You are required to remain at the Summer Institute until the last session is finished on the final day.
  15. Hotel reservations will be made by the conference Registrar, Cathy Reiner. You must get in touch with her if she has not contacted you already (

I understand and agree to the above conditions the Assistantship for the 2017 Virginia Summer Institute of Addiction Studies.
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2017 VSIAS Assistantship (Master Facilitator) Application


Telephone number:____________________

E-mail address:______________________

Are You a VAAP/NAADAC member?    ________

Membership Number:______________________

Expiration Date:__________________________

Is your organization a member of VADAP?_________________________

What is your professional experience? __________________________________________
How would you describe your skill level with audiovisual and computer equipment____________

Have you served as a VSIAS Master Facilitator previously? ___________

If so, when? ______________________________

Do you have any other relevant conference or organizational experience?  Please elaborate._________________________________________

Are you familiar with VSIAS and the duties of a Master Facilitator?_______________

What do you hope to accomplish as a VSIAS Master Facilitator?___________________

Is there anything else that should be considered that would make you a good VSIAS Master Facilitator candidate?______________________________________________________

Do you have any questions or additional comments?